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Van Rensburg Derric

Van Rensburg Derric

Born: 1952

The beautiful bright colours and contours of the autumn vineyards of the Hex River Valley, as well as the winelands of Stellenbosch, Paarl, Worcester and Robertson, are favourite themes for Derric van Rensburg and his team of huge brushes, acrylics and canvas. Together with the changing seasons, and the simultaneously changing light, these subjects delights him. A magazine described him as follows: “ An elusive enigma, Derric van Rensburg is nonetheless one of South Africa’s most popular landscape and wildlife artists. With his characteristic, spur-of-the-moment style, he carves an impressive niche in the art market. His style is free, yet subtly contained, combining both abstract and realistic elements, with the abstract being reflected by a wash effect.”

Of  the Old Masters it was Van Gogh and Rembrandt who inspired him most. Van Gogh because Derric enjoyed his life stories and the visual diary he left the world, and Rembrandt because he was a craftsman and draughtsman of huge proportions. On the South African scene his favourite artists are Pieter Wenning and Hugo Naude.

His first exhibition was held in 1978 in Cape Town and was sold out within a few days. Since then he has exhibited many times in South Africa, and also in Portugal, England, Italy and Australia. Most of his commissions are placed by multinational corporate clients, which include First National Bank, South African Airways, Transnet, Liberty Life, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Reebok, Ernst & Young, Alexander Forbes, BP and Mobil as well as a number of South Africa’s best known hotels.

His work is represented by selected galleries throughout South Africa and many of his paintings hang in homes and major corporate companies in Australia, England, Switzerland, Portugal and Germany. 

Derric van Rensburg, internationally known for his superb impressionist paintings, is widely rated as one of South Africa's top artists. He is especially known for his colourful land-, sea- and earthscapes, female figures, abstract wildlife and the use of bright acrylic colours in these paintings.

Following humble beginnings, Derric has emerged as one of the true heavyweights of the local and international art scene. Having always felt a profound connection to the natural environment since early childhood, this versatile and prolific artist draws his inspiration from the abundant beauty found in the African landscape, as well as the rich variety of people, fauna and flora inhabiting it. To the delight of audiences at home and abroad, his broad brush strokes and sometimes abstract visual intensity, coupled with ingenious impressionist flair, continues to capture the true aesthetic essence of this rugged continent.